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Shalom and welcome to a fascinating educational project,
This project – a very different way of getting acquainted with our roots – is now, Baruch HaShem, into its tenth year of publication in Hebrew, its fifth in the computerised edition. An English version (different material) was inaugurated on the 26th of Nisan 5763 (April 28th 2003). The Hebrew edition appears daily, Sunday through Thursday (a typical Israeli work-week), and the English, Monday to Friday, in deference to our overseas readers. In addition to individual readers, the Daily Page currently reaches a number of schools, prisons, IDF bases, as well as other Jewish and public facilities. Some of our readers post it on their bulletin boards at work or school. In this fashion, the Page is enjoyed by many more people than would otherwise be possible.
On these pages, we review events that occurred to Jews throughout our history. We feel a grave responsibility to our readers to be accurate, and to nurture interest in our Jewish heritage: Am Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael, and Torat Yisrael. We strive for unity of the Jewish people, while praising our many faces. We have tried to remain true to our beliefs, and yet open to hearing other voices. We have succeeded in relying solely on the Hebrew dates for events, hopefully making all of us more aware of the Jewish calendar. We use many different sources for gathering information, and occasionally we include articles designed to stimulate thought about matters of current interest. The English version uses the Friday edition to highlight women in Jewish history.
Our hope and prayer is that in this way – by receiving “a daily infusion” of familiarity with our history and where we have come from - we will also become familiar with who we are and to what and where we are striving. We also attempt to find common threads to tie the Jewish People together. A recognition of our common history assists in achieving this aim. We are aware that Jews from all walks of life and many different backgrounds and viewpoints find these Daily Pages of great interest, and that they provide an excellent basis for drawing closer to one other.
The ‘sub-title’ of these pages, a quotation from Abba Kovner, [above] gives additional insight into the thinking behind this project. It is clear that for the solitary Jew, scattered as he is throughout the world, it is impossible to find our future alone. We need to join in a mutual effort. Klal Yisrael – the Jewish People – is a very unique and special people, one holding many different opinions and world-views. The Daily Page relates to this, being written in various colours, thereby giving expression to the many threads that make up the Jewish tapestry.
We look forward to growing together in numbers as well as insights – and invite you to join our “Family of Readers”. During these difficult days, which the Jewish People are experiencing, we feel that the deeds of our forefathers can act as a light for our generation – now more than ever!
You may subscribe through our Internet site, http://www.jewishistorydaf.org/
or by writing us at our e-mail address: barbarag@netvision.net.il,
or by calling us directly at:   Mordechai and Barbara Goldman -  08-6432843
We look forward to having you join us. This is a free service, available to all.
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